Class Descriptions + First Timers

We have a “workout of the day” format where we’ll run the same workout all day at all locations for all classes. You can see our workout outline here and/or sign up for our workout tracker, Kilomodo to see the specifics, track your progress and give friends respect 👊

Our workouts are designed monthly and planed with a returning member in mind. They’re carefully crafted to ensure that you body is being continually challenged but to prevent overtraining. As such, we recommend that you look at our workout of the day to ensure you get the experience you want. The following descriptions are to give you a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into :)

Strength: Our Monthly focus on strength with 9-12 exercises that will remain consistent week to week but sets and reps will change each week to illicit a different training stimulus.

StrengthX: A strength circuit using the exercises from one of our strength “1, 2 or 3” days and combining them with other “accesory” movements

AthCon: Athletic Conditioning. Variety of athletic movements such as plyometrics (jumping) agility (cones/ladder), power (sprints/throws)

StrongCon: Combination of Strength movements and conditioning in multiple formats AMRAP, for time, partner challenge, circuit… Often metric oriented for those who like to gamify their workouts!

Super Circuit: Our holiday/Sunday 24 person class. Circuit style and less technical (more sweat)

Conditioning: Anything goes, depending on the trainer, weather and just about any other variable.

Practical Workshop: You’ll be moving and applying yourself, depending on the workshop (notes on the specific day) will outline what’s being covered!

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