Fuel Etiquette

We like to have fun but we also need some rules. Here’s how we combine “fun” and “rules” together

Rule #1. Have Fun and Be Nice

This is a necessity every class. Introduce yourself to new members and make them feel welcome. We’re supportive, judgement free and it’s fun place to be.

Rule #2. Be Prompt

Coming on time increases your chances of success and decreases your chances of injury. If you miss part of a warmup you may miss an exercise specific skill and that may mean you’re running laps…

Rule #3. Pay Attention

We’re here for you and looking out for your best interest. We are top notch trainers because we know our stuff. You don’t want to miss technique cues that will help you perform exercises safely and effectively.

Rule #4. Train Smart

Train within your limits but allow those limits to be challenged.

Rule #5. Keep it Clean

We take pride on the cleanliness of our club. Please do not where shoes that have been worn outside, we ask all participants to please bring another pair. Put equipment back from where it belongs, trash in the trash, water in the sink/shower etc. If you notice anything that isn’t up to par, please let us know.

Fuel Follies

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