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This is our Fuel Online (Fuel Live + Fuel On Demand) How to.

Fuel Live

  • Live fitness classes including Strength and Conditioning, Mobility, Stretch and Kids
  • No equipment is needed but our strength and conditioning classes have both Bodyweight and Bell (kettlebell and dumbbell) workouts
  • Unlike most online workouts, our classes are taught like our in club small group personal training classes
  • We provide feedback on form and technique cues throughout the workout (even when we’re workingout ourselves).
  • For that reason, we encourage you (although it isn’t necessary) for you to have your camera on.
  • Come on a bit early, we usually start the conversation 5 min to and we’re online 15 min before the class starts. Work on any personal mobility or “prehab/rehab” movements.
  • Who’s it for? All abilities. There are progressions for each movement, meaning we can modify and provide alternatives. We encourage you to join Wodup (listed below) so that you can review workouts ahead of time and let us know if you have any concerns

Class Set up

  • Outlined in our workout tracking software, Wodup (info below)
  • We start off with about 10 min of “general prep” this is a warm up specific to the workout that safely and slowly warms up joint, activates muscles and prepares your nervous system for the workout. GP is critical for any workout and it’s strongly recommended that you participate to avoid injury and get the most out of your workout
  • We’ll then move into our movement demos. This serves as a secondary warm up while educating you on movement patterns for the workout
  • Then we move into the workout. Depending on the format, time will vary and is different every day.
  • Finally, we warm down, our warm down is comprised of breathing, stretching and self maintenance exercises

Workout structure

  • Our workouts are “periodized” meaning we have a 7 day/week program that rotates between Strength, Conditioning, Strength and Conditioning, Mobility and Stretch. This allows us to balance our our workouts to help you prevent over training. This also provides the best stimulus for adaptation i.e. getting fitter.
  • To follow along our program, see the Wodup section below.
  • If you aren’t training 7 days/week with us, you can pick and choose which workouts you’d like to do to compliment your existing workout program

How to sign up

  • go to our site
  • Select the plan/pass (autorenewing vs. drop in) or the class in which you’d like to attend and you’ll be prompted to choose a plan or pass
  • Once signed up, depending on the time, you’ll either receive the code to join our zoom class in your confirmation email or you’ll receive an email when the code is provided no later than 15 min before the class
  • If you’re using our native app, you may need to close (swipe the app away) and reopen to refresh if you don’t see the zoom code within 15 min before the class

Recommended Set up

  • The size of 2 yoga mats side by side is recommended
  • No equipment is needed but we will suggest props every now and then i.e. couch, chair, yoga block etc…
  • Have you device from which you’ll stream i.e. laptop, computer, ipad (phones are a bit small but will work, you just may not be able to see the full picture or the clock)
  • Have a speaker or headphones to play music (we don’t play music through zoom because the audio sounds terrible, plus, this gives you an opportunity to play your favourite playlist, or ours…see below)

Fuel On Demand

  • Join our live classes recorded.
  • Complimentary with certain plans
    • Login instructions are provided after purchasing a Fuel Live Elite monthly plan
  • $20/month on its own
  • Here’s the site Participating in Fuel On Demand
  • Follow all the steps listed in Fuel Live. Make sure you’re on Wodup to get the best possible experience.
  • Each workout has an associated date. Go to that date in Wodup so that you can follow along Existing Fuel Live Member looking for monthly code to join
  • If you have a fuel live elite or fuel live + fuel on demand plan, you’ll receive an email to access. If you don’t receive an email, first check your junk or “social” email folder. If it’s not there, please provide us with your email so that we can include you in our communication campaign so that you can receive this information.


  • Our workout tracking software. Here’s how to sign up
  • Allows you to see upcoming workouts, participate in challenges, track your progress and ask any workout related questions. Plus, there’s a pretty awesome community hanging out there


  • Our online classes are streamed through zoom.us. We encourage you to download the app to get the best and most internet stable experience.

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